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by mkamoski
Mar 6, 2012
3:18 PM

Being evaluated

The attached file "" fixes the "enabled property does not work" issue. The code is commented where the changes were made. There were just a few lines that had to be commented-out in the "ClusterControls.vb" to make sure the Enabled value was not being changed. The code was trying to disable the button if the grid is null or empty, which is an OK idea, but it is unnecessary. If the grid is empty, then the export is simply zero rows, which is just what would be expected. If the grid is null, then the call site should handle that and, besides, I have yet to encounter a case where the grid ends up being null in practice-- I suppose it could happen but it is not likely in the general case. So the call-site handles that stuff now. Now the button can be enabled/disabled as any other standard button control, which is the way it should be given that the control derives from Button. (BTW, I did not change it but I must mention that your code should REALLY use some whitespace. A few blank lines here and there never hurt anything and without them it makes the code VERY hard to read quickly, etc. Just a thought.) HTH. Thanks. -- Mark Kamoski


by marciowelter
Jan 30, 2008
1:13 PM



I converted the component ExportToExcel to C#, but the function OnClick is not being fired and not exporting.
Could you help me to finish this component and then share it to community


Declined Feb 2, 2008: This is an incomplete C# version of the product. I intend to keep this in VB.NET

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